Pasta Is Love – October 2016


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Despite the magnificent range of cuisine the world has to offer, ask almost anyone to pick their favorite and they’ll exclaim “pasta”, in no uncertain terms.Pasta evokes a comfort and sensuality quite unlike any other food. It is both ordinary and extraordinary. Extremely versatile, it can be delicate or robust and is as apt to be seen on the family dinner table as it is in the star dish at a Michelin starred restaurant.

This month’s box, Pasta is Love, was inspired by the inimitable aroma of a simmering marinara, the silky taste of olive oil and the requisite paper-skinned garlic bulb.

The box includes:

  • Centonze Olive Oil
  • Strianese Pomodoro DOP
  • Il Tartufo Di Paolo Black Truffle Oil
  • Just A Pinch – Fleur De Sel
  • Afeltra Spaghetti
  • Conserve Del Nonna Basil Tomato Suace
  • Conserve Del Nonna Arrabbiata Sauce